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ActiveVFP Project - Foxpro on the World Wide Web

PHP or MVC style, you choose.  VFP pages or VFP controller - just add Fox code!!

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

AVFP- best choice for using FoxPro with REST as a RESTful server. AVFP- best choice for using FoxPro with Android, iPad, iPhone.

DEMO: Child Care 5.0  responsive design works in mobile as well as web.  Instructions\description.

Easily installs on local IIS, GoDaddyArvixe, WinHost, Discount ASP.NETSoftSys, many others.  Get the cheapest web hosting rates ($5/month and below) using AVFP.  Don't pay a premium just for using FoxPro!

FoxPro to Web, FoxPro to Mobile, FoxPro to Cloud: ActiveVFP(AVFP) is a completely free and open source project for creating web applications with the Visual Foxpro programming language and database (and other DBs like MSSQL or MySQL). It provides an easy-to-use framework in pure fox code for utilizing a multi-threaded vfp dll (vfp mtdll) called from ASP.NET.  If you're considering web programming with FoxPro, using FoxPro in the cloud, or converting desktop VFP to web or mobile - using Android, iPhone, or iPad, this tool is for you.

Free and open source web software for the Foxpro community!!!

Faster than PHP on Windows, easier than C#!
Windows Web Scripting Comparison for AVFP vs. PHP vs. ASP.NET Razor

Really multi-threaded, really runs in the cloud, really open-source - accept no substitute!  The goal of this project was to match or surpass the capabilities of commercial vfp web development products and to take vfp into the future by making it easy to interop with .NET for web applications. Along with this, ActiveVFP makes using cool web and mobile technologies like JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, PDF, Android, iPhone, iPad, RESTful web services (and more!) with FoxPro a breeze.

Fastest and most scalable VFP web solution, yet also the easiest to setup and program!

"...It can do everything the commercial vfp web products can and more like the ability to be easily hosted at cheap shared web hosts like GoDaddy, XCOPY deployment, and true multi-threading.  I think of it as applying more modern technology to foxpro web development as compared to most of the older products that were developed 20 years ago and still use the original outdated techniques.  However, AVFP is extremely easy to use and develop in." -VFP Developer.   No more paying for the privilege of using outdated technology!

High Availability, High Performance, works with Everything!  Unlike commercial VFP web products, ActiveVFP concentrates on producing multi-threaded COM VFP server apps. While commercial VFP web products all have a multi-threaded ISAPI client (as does ActiveVFP), only ActiveVFP focuses on creating multi-threaded VFP web server applications using a vfp mtdll. No simulated multi-threading (using multiple VFP EXE processes) here.  What this means for you is much faster, efficient and scalable vfp web applications along with far less maintenance headaches and worries about uptime. It also means you take full advantage of new Dual-Core, Quad-Core or multiple processors in new computers increasingly available now.

Your ideas and code contributions to this project are always welcome. Guidance for enhancements to ActiveVFP is on the Issue Tracker page.

Making it easy to use Foxpro on the web!!

ActiveVFP Documentation
ActiveVFP Video Overview
Windows Web Scripting Comparison for AVFP vs. PHP vs. ASP.NET Razor
Free Community Support
Consulting Support

Background Articles
Advanced VFP Servers by Calvin Hsia
Microsoft VFP COM Debugging

From Microsoft Visual Foxpro FAQ:
"Q: Can I use Visual FoxPro to build Web applications?
Visual FoxPro COM components can be used with Internet Information Services (IIS) to build high-powered Internet database applications. This is because Visual FoxPro components can be called from Active Server Pages (ASP). Visual FoxPro is compatible with ASP but works even better in conjunction with the more modern ASP.NET. The components will retrieve and manipulate data, and will build some of the HTML returned to the user. "

Notable Quotes

"I was able to get a mobile site using AVFP up and 
running in about 30 minutes." Andrew MacNeill, Akselsoft 

On running ActiveVFP at GoDaddy, "I got it working and I tell you its sweet" LarryJ

"Everything you see is completely controlled by VFP code. Data controlled pictures, text, links,
and calculations are 100% VFP. I can change anything on the fly and it is multiuser right out of the box."
"...The dealership has a server guy who didn't know it was a VFP application. He was bad mouthing VFP for being old and slow. He was glad my new Super Fast application was built on .NET and used SQL server backend. I let him ramble on, then told him that it was powered by VFP and used DBF tables. He told me "There is no way, a Foxpro application with that much data would be terribly slow." I just laughed and simply told him that any *Decent* Programmer can make VFP fly. I am still chuckling. He was so sure it was .NET with SQL. He had to admit it was extemely fast." Don Higgins, Crew Chief Pro Software

"You should not have an issue with performance if you use multi-threaded
DLLs. I regularly test Visual FoxPro COM DLLs by simulating 40 clients
pounding the server for days at a time, generating as many as 3 million hits
per day (on a four-proc machine with 2Gb of RAM and striped RAID). If you're
site is generating more hits per day than that, I think other stuff is going
to break down before your COM servers. :-)" Mike Stewart, Microsoft

"I installed AVFP 5.5 experimentally this morning: xcopy the app and support libs to a
Windows 2003 server,create a new IIS virtual directory, map it to the new folder,
allow scripts and execute, I also created a new application pool out of habit...
then hit the site and the VFP app was serving pages. No DCOM, no registration,
nothing else to configure..."
"..Just for the record for people who haven't tried it, we're using an ActiveVFP MTDLL
in a production environment at the moment. That thing is fast- quick enough that it's
the server and network latency causing the biggest bottlenecks. We're talking a 15Mbps
connection burstable to 100Mbps so the app itself is doing fine." Jack Ryan

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Thank you for your support!

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