SQL Database at GoDaddy

Sep 11, 2010 at 7:34 PM

Good news!: Initial testing of the free SQL Server database with the GoDaddy web hosting account + ActiveVFP looks successful. I just created the SQL db in the GoDaddy panel, added some data, and used the AVFP SQL class with this string:
oSQL.LogIn(['Driver={SQL Server}; Server=avfpdemo.db.6054633.hostedresource.com; Database=avfpdemo; Uid=avfpdemo; Pwd=xxxxxxxx;'])

Pretty simple and I'm assuming it should be the same with the included 10(!) free MySQL databases as well.

I'm sort of surprised there wasn't some sort of permissions issue at all, but, I guess they have their IIS Application Pools set up properly... :)