Live-search using activeVFP

Mar 2 at 5:27 PM
I am working on a project using activeVFP; happy to report all is looking-working great so far in my development.

I am looking to implement a 'live search' mechanism like the one described below:

I would like to avoid using PHP. Can someone share some info. on how to get this done using activeVFP?

Mar 31 at 10:33 PM
There is an AJAX demo in the install to search for zip codes in real time, but I believe it reopens the table each time you type a character. You could combine this with the thread demo to keep the table/cursor open on the server. Keep in mind another user could change the table while you are searching the cursor. I have to use a cursor because of some quirks in the original tables.

In my database the tables are too large and slow to perform live search, as nice as it would be my server computer is not that powerful.
Apr 2 at 11:26 PM
Thanks for the reply Tachyx!