Policy for Adding New Features/Fixes to ActiveVFP

Feb 6, 2012 at 7:43 PM
Edited Jul 28, 2013 at 6:49 PM
To change the source for activevfp.dll, you need to:

1.) Download regular ActiveVFP.
2.) Download the source for ActiveVFP into the directory where regular ActiveVFP is.
3.) Bring up the ActiveVFP project in the VFP IDE.
4.) Make the change to the source.
5.) Compile to an MTDLL

All users are encouraged to add new features and fixes to ActiveVFP and optionally share them with the community here. 
1.) It is up to you to code the feature/fix with the available source code and have it working.
2.) It is up to you to promote the feature/fix to the community (maybe show it to a local user group!).
3.) It is up to you to add the new feature/fix to the Issue Tracker here and to get enough votes to make it important enough to add to a new release.
4.) I, or a member of the team, will add the Feature/Fix to the next ActiveVFP Release, with the appropriate credit given to the contributor, if it gets a sufficient number of votes (lets say 10 to begin with).
5.) If there is a new/feature fix that has received at least 10 votes, I, or a member of the team, will add it to a new release within 60 days.
6.) Once a source contribution has been added to a new ActiveVFP Release, that developer(s) will be offered a Developer spot(s) on the ActiveVFP team.
7.) Developers who have made at least 5 contributions to ActiveVFP will be offered a Co-Coordinator spot on the ActiveVFP team.

If this doesn't work for you, you can always just start a new project or Fork ActiveVFP to something else.  Everything is wide open.....