VFPx -FP2C32 CreateThreadObject

Feb 11, 2012 at 10:36 AM

Just a note on alternatives to the included Async class (example here:http://thetechconsult.com/demo/default.aspx?action=thread) to start long running vfp background tasks from a web application with periodic updates to the browser (long reports,long calculations, etc):

- the inlcluded Async class relies on the "DEP" feature of your processor either being turned off or not present

- Easier alternative #1 - use the ParallelFox application at VFPx.  However, you'll loose some of the scalability and speed since VFP processes instead of threads are used

- Alternative #2 - More intriguing would be to use the CreateThreadObject in the VFPx FP2C32 FLL project which would create background VFP threads.