Can ActiveVfp to use VFP's browser command ?

Apr 3, 2013 at 6:05 AM
VFP's browser command , is so powerest to deal with many much data on-line ,

Using ActiveVfp , The "browser command" is ok , or not ?

thanks .
Apr 3, 2013 at 11:32 AM
No, none of that foxpro GUI (the old foxpro desktop interface) stuff works with AVFP. We're dealing with web, html, javascript, etc with the VFP language. If you want to view a list of dynamic vfp data on the web with AVFP then do something like this:
 lnTotPerPage  =10       
 lnpagenumbers =5         
 SELE * FROM Customer INTO CURSOR tCursor 
*create page numbers
 lnPageMax = 0
 lnPageBegin = 0
 lnRowCount = RECCOUNT()
 SET PROC to oProp.AppStartPath+'prg\pages' ADDITIVE   
 lcPages= pages(lnTotPerPage,lnpagenumbers,lnStart,lcButton,lnRowCount)
 <% FOR lnX = lnPageBegin TO lnPageMax 
     IF lnX <= lnRowCount
      GOTO lnX %>
        <td width="40%"><font face="helvetica, arial" size="2">
        <a hhref="<%=JustPath(oProp.ScriptPath)+[/detail.avfp?cust_id=]+;
        <td width="36%"><font face="helvetica, arial" size="2">
        <td width="24%"><font face="helvetica, arial" size="2" color="#000000">
        <%=tCursor.Title %></font></td>
<%   ENDIF
   ENDFOR %>                               
<%= lcPages %>