HTML Spacing and More fields AVFP files

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Aug 7, 2013 at 9:27 PM
<td <%=IIF(MOD(lnX,2)=0,[bgcolor="#E5E5E5"],[])%> valign="top">
<a href="<%=JustPath(oProp.ScriptPath)+[/detail]+oProp.Ext+[?cust_id=]+ALLTRIM(cust_id)%>"><font face="Arial"><%= tCursor.dispnum %></font>&nbsp;</a></td>
<td <%=IIF(MOD(lnX,2)=0,[bgcolor="#E5E5E5"],[])%> ><font face="Arial">
<%= IIF(EMPTY(tCursor.trucknum),[<br>],tCursor.trucknum) %></font>&nbsp;</td>
<td <%=IIF(MOD(lnX,2)=0,[bgcolor="#E5E5E5"],[])%> ><font face="Arial">
<%= IIF(EMPTY(tCursor.driver),[<br>],tCursor.driver) %></font></td>
<td <%=IIF(MOD(lnX,2)=0,[bgcolor="#E5E5E5"],[])%> ><font face="Arial"><%= IIF(EMPTY(tCursor.timerec),[<br>],tCursor.timerec) %></font>&nbsp;</td>

How do you suggestion I figure out this format and add and remote content? making columns bigger and smaller?

Do you have a tool that will help?
Aug 8, 2013 at 3:00 AM
That's not a good approach for a table

You'd want Cascading Style Sheets: