How to start?

Apr 7, 2009 at 3:31 PM
> I would like to know if ActiveVFP works like AFP or Foxweb. At this time I 
create Html pages and I put directly my vfp code in the page exactly like ASP. I 
have tried to install ActiveVFP but I don't get how you make it run ? I have an 
error about the runtime. Also where are the session / request ... objects and so 
on. Can you please tell me how to make it run, I use VFP 100% only for the web 
in HTML no more as a standalone applications. Thanks JC 
It works in a similar way to those products. However, there is no visible server (iow, no EXE server(s)). 1.) Did the demo run when you installed ActiveVFP?? That's the first step - get the demo to run (it should run automatically after installation). 2.) After the demo is successfully running, go thru the tutorial in the documentation and attempt to do what's in there. 3.) If you want to run your vfp code from the HTML, look at the example for VFP scripting in the demo source code and do the same with your VFP code.