AVFP mobile and search engines... FYI only.

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Dec 31, 2014 at 1:41 PM
One of the best feature of AVFP ver 6, is the ease with which it continues to work with or without JavaScript.

AFAIK most search engine bots, do not use JavaScript, at least as of now. This is important to keep in mind if u r using JavaScript for page navigation and do not want to place index.html (site map!!?), in apps root due to security.

If I use JQuery mobile, I generally use HTML navigation portion of AVFP for all GETS (links). For POST (submit), I use Ajax and REST. This way, I think, I get best of both the worlds.

Search engines have some problem with dynamic pages. This is again not a problem in AVFP since, we have total control of the final HTML sent to the client. This means we can design the apps that ....Once the page is filed up by the user and POSTED to server, it is generated in AVFP, and not only sent to the client browser, but also stored in that user directory. Subsequently, all GETS to that page, r sent to this 'static page', in the user directory, by linking to it using a unique 'friendly URL'.

It does require us to make a secure robust 'router' to the pages.. but, in my opinion, it makes a big difference in page ranking in search engines.

Again.. it is just my opinion.
Dec 31, 2014 at 6:37 PM
Interesting... would work like a page cache system?
Dec 31, 2014 at 9:42 PM

It takes the load off the SQL server.. specifically, if you a doing long pooling (for auto-update or chat or followup etc etc ) with the browser and server n the server is put under additional abnormal heavy load. .. then sometimes network sever may start closing connections without the ack from client and we end up with a crap load of TIMED_WAIT ports. Taking SQL server out of the picture for these static pages helps matters. ( Doubt this is an issue with big ISPs though.. ours is real flaky). For normal operations, I dont think it makes any noticeable difference in speed though ( at least I dont c any) so is not an issues with most people here.

However, the bots seem to like the static content.. maybe due to clear url book marking by multiple users .. not sure why though. Just though it would be of interest to this group since its easy to do in AVFP.