ActiveVFP vs. FoxWeb

Jan 25 at 1:15 AM
I am only

I am only a FoxPro Developer. I would like to know which tool should I use to convert my app or enable my app on the Web(ActiveVFP vs. FoxWeb)?

Jan 25 at 3:40 PM
FoxWeb doesn't look like it offers much to start off with. ActiveVFP has lots of demos you can experiment with online right away. I haven't even applied all of the demos yet.

I'm not a foxpro or web developer at all and I was able to put together a fairly robust front end for our ERP system part-time over the past year and a half. It's not complete but it's mostly there, and as I said there are features I am still working on or will add in the near future.

I should point out that some of the demos for ActiveVFP are outdated but I have updated them for my use. Specifically the PDF generator and the email sender do not work as they are, but I was able to get them both working with some help and testing.